Pets on Plaques®

I’ve had these buggers in my head {and in my Brilliant Idea Sketchbook™} FOR.EVER….so here we {finally} go!  Custom Pets on Plaques®. They are the perfectly thoughtful gift for an animal lover or pet owner, or a wonderful pet memorial.

Under Construction

Below are the first and second in a first batch series of several I’ve been crafting.  Others are making their way around the country this week – so I’ll post them when they’ve been delivered. Custom plaques available in le shoppe starting later this week.

This is Jake.Jake le Chien

Jake le Chien by OliveLoaf Design

This is Belle, Ike, Oliver & Sam  Smith Pets

The Smith's by OliveLoaf Design

These are up-cycled newspaper & cardboard paper mache clay and acrylic paint on 7×9 oval wooden plaques. Stay tuned for more plaques, details, ideas and shop listings.

Go For Big

I love this quote and I love this picture. I thought I’d put them together.

“Be excellent. Not just good. Or good enough. Go for big. Bright. Holy, off the charts, over moon, absolutely totally amazing. Commit to greatness. Your greatness. Commit to mastery. To being better than you could ever even imagine possible. Be you in full.”

~Jo Anna Rothman

Jacques Lowe. "The Joy of Music". N.Y.C. 1960

{photo: Jacques Lowe. “The Joy of Music”. N.Y.C. 1960}


“Amateur: The enthusiast who pursues her work in the spirit of love {in French, the word means “lover”} – regardless of the potential for fame, money or career; they have little to lose and will try anything; they take chances, experimentand follow their whims; they make new discoveries; they’re not afraid to make mistakes or look ridiculous in public; they are lifelong learners; they know that contributing something is better then contributing nothing. Forget about being an expert or a pro, wear your amateurism – your heart, your love – on your sleeve.” ~Austin Kleon, via Show Your Work!

amateur via austin kleon

Holiday Bottles & Jars

Originally posted on OliveLoaf Design:

For my 7th installment of Handmade Holiday Decorations, I present: Faux Colored Holiday Bottles & Jars

They are quite pretty as they are ~ but I wanted these jazzed up for Christmas. This is a great project for those of you, like me, who hoard save bottles & jars. Pick out bottles and jars that are interesting and make sure they are clean & free of labels.

Depending on the size of the jar or bottle mix 1-2 TBS of Glossy Mod Podge with a TINY amount of water to thin it out just a little bit.  Add drops of food colors and mix. The more food coloring & the thicker the mixture – to darker the jars will be.

Coat the inside of the jars thoroughly with the Mod Podge mixture by swirling it around & around. Turn upside-down to drain out the excess until it barely drips…

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