i seemed to have awakened one day & was obsessed with art…

learning about, hearing about, looking at, making…ART

i can’t seem to get enough

i discovered the pbs series art:21 art in the twenty-first century 

albeit a few years late & via suggestion from netflix

(after it registered that i liked the movie who the #$&% is jackson pollock?)

the series explores the lives, inspirations & processes

that today’s contemporary artists wander to produce their vision. 

here are just a few i thought were neat…

Walton Ford “Nila”  walton ford “nila” watercolor, gouache, ink, & pencil on paper

judy pfaff n.y.c. - b.q.e judy pfaff “n.y.c. – b.q.e.” mixed media sculpture

shahzia sikander “hood’s red rider #2″ shahzia sikander “hood’s red rider #2”

vegetable color, dry pigment, watercolor, tea on hand-prepared wasli paper

ursula von rydingsvard “czara z babelkami” ursula von rydingsvard “czara z babelkami.” cedar


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