In Memory of Dwight…

today’s inspiration comes from this past saturday at the memorial

for my (second) cousin dwight d. greve (january 8, 1957 – february 25, 2008)…

i thought this a fitting place to pay tribute

as he was a man who was young*at*heart, really fun, a visual artist

(he used to design the window displays for florsheim shoes)

& he died in nyc…a city we both LOVED. 


dwight laughing


below are pictures of the lovely stained glass windows

located in the great memorial building of the wisconsin memorial park

a truly inspiring place to visit because of the windows, sculptures, figurines

& artwork on display in honor of the departed. 

(of course the camera on my cellphone does not do them justice)

stained glass windows*


the country’s largest single continuous piece of granite sculpture

(the last supper – artist unknown)


the last supper



12 thoughts on “In Memory of Dwight…

  1. This picture of Dwight is worth a thousand words. It shows his love for life and laughter. Thanks for capturing that Stacey.
    Dwight, I will always miss you. The many great memories we shared is the stuff which will keep me going.
    Thanks for the memories. Your sis, Gloria

  2. Dwight was and is a beautiful spirit. Sadly, he shared his physical form with us for only a short time, but his wonderful kindness and love will be with us forever.

    I pray that his family’s hearts are focused on the good times, and that their grief will be lifted by those memories.

  3. You are my loving son and I have wonderful memories with you. I know you are with the Lord in heaven because of the faith you had in Jesus as your Savior. The flickering candle reminds me daily of you with your mother. I will love you always. Dad.

    1. dwight was a wonderful person, i knew him when he worked for florsheim and lost contact when he moved to New York. My prayers are with the family and his friends

  4. Dwight my friend, how much I miss you. But why Dwight you left me behind? It is not fair to me, but it is fair to you. Right now you are in God’s loving arms, cuddled up and with all the angels in Heaven and with the shining light that will forever be present. Dwight, God is forever there for you. He needed a flower for his garden and he picked you up, not even realizing how many of us are hurting in pain for your absence.

    One day we will meet again in Heaven.

    Have a wonderful life in the presence of the Lord.

    Love you, Rosita and Family

  5. I just want you to know how I misss you, and I know that you’re happy now with your mother, and I’m thankful for the many momentos I have, but the loving memories are so precious.

    I am always looking for you; I see somebody on the street and I say “there’s Dwight”, and they turn around and I am so disappointed it’s not you, but at least I am happy knowing you are with your mom now.

    Rest in peace, Marilyn

  6. Teresa and I will always hold your friendship near and dear to our hearts. We wish we had more dinners together with you and your wonderful family. A fun time. I miss our nightly conversations at work. Everyone at work is remembering you in their thoughts.
    I glance at your picture everyday in my office and salute you with my morning Starbucks!

    Rest in Peace in the Glory of Heaven

  7. I knew Dwight in the 90’s when he worked at Florsheim and during that time he talked of his dream of moving to New York. I am so saddened to learn of his passing but so glad he made part of his dream come true in New York. I will always remember him for his positive attitude and the fun times we shared together. Rest in peace my friend.

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