knick-knacks galore!

last weekend’s field trip report… 

i was with the mom & future sister-in-law doing wedding stuff 

& we discovered a fabulous little shop in geneva, illinois  (cute little town!) called

antiques on state (422 w. state street phone: 630-232-4050)

boy what a discovery! 

so many delightful doo-dads, ephemera, jewelries & antiques to be explored.

there was NO WAY we could have seen it all in even a few hours.  i can’t wait to go back!





vintage coffee pot…

vintage pink coffee pot





pretty odds & ends…

pretty odds & ends


more knick-knacks…

more knick-knacks


3 thoughts on “knick-knacks galore!

  1. it was a great find…..we will definitely have to go back…..
    Plus there are a whole lot more stores to explore.
    It was a fun day. Next time we just can’t drink too much the night before. 🙂

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