farm sanctuary…

i didn’t find much arty~crafty inspiration today…so i thought i’d post about

something else that has been inspiring me lately

as i’ve been *relatively* vegan for 50 days today (i haven’t given up seafood yet)…

& an extension of my work with the anti-cruelty society…

& since i’m on the kick of making paper mache flying pigs…it only makes sense 

(i’m going to submit one to their call for art items for an auction

they are having for a benefit in nyc – cross your fingers!)

the farm sanctuary ~ an organization that “works to end cruelty to farm animals & promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy”


check them out.  (if you want to…i’m not preaching)





One thought on “farm sanctuary…

  1. Congrats on going Vegan! More power to you. I’m married to an avowed meat eater, but tend to eat a pretty much veg diet. Don’t know that I could give up dairy though. That’d be tough.

    Hope your art’s accepted for the auction. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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