finally friday

howdy – it’s been brutal folks!  still recovering from the flu & i’m all outta whack & totally uninspired from a week of anti-biotics. bleck!  all i’ve been able to do is go to the day job, make powerpoint presentations & go home & sleep &/or watch LOST on dvd.  good news is i finally have the go-ahead to get my annoying tonsils out! yay!  that won’t be until august though…


so the brother’s wedding invites should be well distributed by now…so i thought i’d post pictures of what i was up to for about three months!  their colors are blues (& black & ivory) and a water-y theme (the bro is a commercial diver) so i came up with swirly blue watercolor cards ~ printed vellum overlay ~ ombre ribbon ~ on cardstock. 


i will NOT be going into the wedding invitation business. =)*




One thought on “finally friday

  1. Those are beautiful. I love how the swirly watercolors are similar but not the same – each invitation is slightly unique. So cool. Much cooler than the cream colored square Frank and I had.

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