file under *WTF!?!*

i just came across this story last night & it kept me up…


apparently there is an email going around with a petition seeking to prevent one guillermo vargas from representing costa rica in an upcoming multinational art exhibition.  why?


because last summer he made an “art” installation that featured a stray dog captured from the streets of nicaragua – stuck it on a bare gallery floor with no food, water or bedding UNTIL IT STARVED TO DEATH!!!!


as an art dabbler & dog lover & shelter volunteer …

i could not contain myself to not comment here.


you can go google the story yourself & see horrifying pictures & read what this delusional & sadistic narcissist says inspired him.


this is not art.

this is sadism & cruelty.


it does not speak to the nature of society (well, except for maybe the deranged artist, the gallery owner & the people who WALKED BY THE DOG AND DID NOTHING!).


sign the petition. (over a million other people agree)

& then go out & support real inspiring art.



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