just make art.

my latest discovery is artist flynn marquart

her rep [aka: mom] over at misc & co (a college friend-o-mine)

posted some pictures of flynn’s art show at her art-based preschool…


i instantly had a big crush on flynn & her work.

dare i say her polka dot painting is reminiscent of a damien hirst color etching i saw once

(at the sensation exhibit at the brooklyn museum of art)

damien hirst-lsd


one can see she already has an artistic flair & vision as a painter & collagist…


i thought she was so inspiring that i wanted pick her brilliant mind for

clues on how to live creatively like she does…


where do you create?

“i make my art at art school” 

and…says her rep (mom)…

she does most of her painting at the kitchen table

& draws on post-it notes…which are all over the gallery (house)” 

                                                                               flynn post-it art   flynn notebook


what materials/media to you use & what are your faves?

“i use my hands. i like painting & using 3-d materials like cardboard,

feathers, jewels & foam.  i love to paint”


 what inspires you?

“i just like trying it.  playing outside makes me want to make art.

i make art to make myself happy.”



what are your favorite colors?

“red & purple & pink are my favorites.”



 what do you want to do when you grow up?

“i want to be an animal doctor & a teacher & a mom to 4 kids.”


any other insights into your world you would like to share with your audience?

“i do a great job. take lessons & just make art”

flynn wink


just make art.

thank you flynn!



4 thoughts on “just make art.

  1. I especially like the fact that she wants to be an animal doctor, a teacher and a mom to 4 kids! What a cutie she is!

  2. A-Dor-A-BLE! I suddenly want to fling myself at anything that might even slightly annoy Flynn! “Just make art.”

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