kids chalk art project




the kids chalk art project in alameda, ca is a community event

that celebrates & supports the creative spirit of their children.

their mission…“Re-Enchant the World Through Art.”



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    “We believe that kids who are nurtured with the creative spirit

grow up ready and able to more effectively interact with the world.”

the kids & community in the san francisco bay area have been creating the drawings

for the last two weeks & on saturday, june 7th – they are attempting

the world’s largest chalk drawing!

a satellite photo will taken of the artwork to promote their mission.

well…i’m enchanted & can’t wait to see the photo!



more flickr photos:


2 thoughts on “kids chalk art project

  1. best chalk art I have EVER seen…..makes me want to grab some and start drawing on my back walk way. Oh to be a kid again. 🙂

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