rabbits & raccoons & possums (oh my)

in honor of the bunnies that invariably snack on my mother’s garden every summer…

heehee!  that just tickles me!

this t-shirt design submitted to threadlessby ilovedoodle. 

check out his other groovy designs here.

i *heart* this one too:


but i digress!

the moms has also been plagued by a mama raccoon who decided her attic was a brilliant place

to start a family & they have been wreaking havoc up there for many weeks. 

(i forgot to snag the brilliant picture of the baby coon that got out

& tried to climb up the wrong part of the porch to return to it’s “condo”).

so in honor of the raccoons…here is some clever coon art! (most from etsy)

ice cream overloadblue racoon

from the curiosity shoppe ~ stitch your own raccoon


oh but wait! the story doesn’t end there…whilst visiting the homestead last weekend

i attempted to reset the (humane) trap set for the raccoons

i reached in to lift the door & was bitten by a possum!

(barely broke the skin…but still

i looked down & there’s a baby possum hissing at me! 

it wasalmost as cute as these…


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