meme mosaic

1. Stacy, 2. Seafood Store (20070806-133236-PJG), 3. Balloon Over Cedaredge, 4. Green, turquoise and blue, 5. Christian Bale, 6. moroccan mint tea 1415.jpg, 7. New Zealand the place to be, 8. carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, 9. C a r e f r e e, 10. The Freedom (to Be), 11. Undescribable, 12. Olive loaf


i saw this over at creative every day  & just had to try it…you should too!  (i ♥ mine~above)

a flickr photo meme 

(a more visual way to do those email questionaires your friends always send you)

here’s what you do:

  1. type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search.
  2. using only the first page, choose an image.
  3. copy and paste each of the URL’s into the mosaic maker over at FD’s image maker.

the questions:
what is your first name?
what is your favorite food?
what high school did you attend?
what is your favorite color?
who is your celebrity crush?
favorite drink?
dream vacation?
favorite dessert?
what do you want to be when you grow up?
what do you love most in life?
one word to describe you.
your flickr, blog, website name or a nickname


have fun!


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