gorilla art

my friend & reader & fellow blogger: miscandco

saw my post on the elephant painter & wondered

“if there are any other animals that do representational art – not just abstract stuff”


well…there is of course the gorilla foundation/koko org ~ an organization that aims to: 


bring interspecies communication to the public,

in order to save gorillas from extinction,

and inspire our children to create a sustainable future for all great apes.”


& koko mart – with prints of paintings by koko (& michael, who died in 2000)


what make these paintings so amazing

is that koko (& michael) knows sign language…

so she can talk about what she is painting & describe what she is trying to convey…


here’s one of koko’s called pink, pink, stink, nice drink”

the site says:  “Koko painted her own rendition of a photo she saw that contained a valley with a stream banked by beautiful pink flowers. “Stink” is Koko’s sign for flowers, “drink” is her sign for water, and she named the painting herself”



site:  “Koko’s representational painting of a bluebird that used to visit her often”


and i love this one by michael called “me, myself, good”

the site says:  “Michael’s powerful self-portrait which he signed with his own handprint (to scale). If you look closely at the colorful shape to the left of the handprint, you may see a profile of Michael sitting, as one autistic student observed.”

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