one lucky duck & blessings

(sit a spell…this is a long one)

i am one *lucky duck* lately

although i seemed to have been in a bit of a funk or something

& questioning the universe i guess

a few weeks back i entered (& won!) an art giveaway

at the lovely & inspiring dragonfly reflections blog

(try one of her guided meditations)

for the entry ~ kelley wanted us to talk about how we are discovering new ways

to connect to people, places & ideas…

my family & close friends know about my firsthand 9/11/01 experience at the world trade center…

*i will post about it on 9/11/08*

so i mentioned that i am trying to reconnect to the person i was before that day

by rediscovering art & my crafty side & joining the blogging (& etsy) world

this was the very special artistic care~package i received…

(a handmade artist trading card, a photo postcard taken by kelley, a worry doll & cranky face button

that i think i should wear it on my cranky days as a warning!)

~*thank you kelley*~ (go read her blog!)

 as if that wasn’t enough to cheer me the hell up…

yesterday i didn’t get one bill, one piece of junkmail

just some lovely things i had ordered for my *crafties* from ImagineArt7 

& they were all wrapped up like a present!! ~ so neat (go buy some of their stuff!)


so wait! i was out of order…on sunday my awesome brother

(you may recall i mentioned his wedding a time or two hundred!)

who is in the navy reserves



then i got this super cool necklace & earrings

handmade by my crafty aunt kathy

okay..all that & like the universe is mocking me for feeling sorry for myself

i’m still on a lucky duck roll!

all i did was leave a comment on the blog of another crafty & inspiring gal (amber) 

at one shabby chick

to win a cRaZy cool quilt that she made

guess what!? 

yep…look what’s headed my way from hawaii!

you must read her blog too & go check out her clever random

number generator(s) here


so…not that i needed material things to remind me

but sometimes a girl just needs a break, ya know!?

*i am blessed*

oh yeah…as i write this ~ i just read an email from my temp agency…

apparently i am ASSOCIATE OF THE WEEK!


8 thoughts on “one lucky duck & blessings

  1. OK now you can print it and hang it up on your board to keep the good stuff flowing. Congrates. You are right Becka’s card is fabulous.

  2. Stacy, You blog so well. Sounds like Everythings coming up roses for you and for brother. I’m possitive you have a very proud mother and father. And your gramma is just a hoot’n and holler’n. I will be checking out your blog on 9/11/08. We are all so very blessed and I am also very proud of you. I wish you would sing us a little tune on your web. I still hear the song you sang for Justin and Lori’s wedding in my head. You have more talent than you even know about. So keep creating so you can find out just how far you can go. Love, Julie

  3. You ARE a lovely person who deserves LOVELY things! Well said!

    It touches me that you are trying to re-discover the person you where before 9/11. But just so you know, the person you used to be AND the person you are now are both wonderful people and I am blessed to be apart of your life.

    Your art creations are inspiring to me and I appreciate your keen eye for creativity and beautiful things.

    Keep on Inspiring!

  4. Wow – you truly are a lucky duck (LOVE that quilt). Wonder if that worry doll has anything to do with it? Maybe I better put one under my pillow tonight – just in case. 😉

    Wishing you many MORE blessings,
    Kelley (dragonflyreflections)

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