arts fest & randoms

i am so looking forward to attending the bucktown arts fest this weekend! 

~ i know of one artist in particular i can’t wait to see in person  

dolan geiman ~ he does these crazy good mixed media art pieces…

i’ll show & tell next week!

~hey, thanks to everyone who left me lovely notes & sent splendid emails the other day when i posted about being a *blessed lucky duck*

so cool~you rock

~someone asked why i haven’t gotten stuff up on etsy yet & well…i am working on it 

but i’m also super intimidated! 

there is amazing skill & talent & originality going on over there…

i mean ~  i find them all inspiring of course but…who in the WORLD can compete with THIS!?…


“reflections”  a needle felted wool tapestry

holy cow that’s amazing!

see more felted creations at the etsy store tecopia







 there’s a polymer clay artist at du buh duh designs

who conjures upclever & enchanting sculptures

like “athena”







“blue haired sea side doll”

& the handmade one-of-a-kind dolls over at

milkrun make my brain explode they are so awesome











well…i’ll just keep on truckin’ with my vision, et al… 

& hope somebody will love it like i *heart* the stuff above

& speaking of crushes…i’ve mentioned her shop before…

but i am crushing on another etsy shop (& fellow blogger)

lula boutique

i must get these earrings

i must have honed in on her love of paris

& she encorporates it into her work ~ like moi

(at least with my le cochon volant series ~ coming soon to etsy!)

(& she loves the color teal…a coincidence?…separated at birth?…very mysterious)

dreaming of paris”

speaking of parisLOVE…have you seen the blog

eye prefer paris (*doesn’t everyone?)

it’s a new yorker in paris (& he gives unique tours)

c’est si bon

anyhoo such amazing talent on the planet…it’s very inspiring

i’m just trying to squeeze it all in!

i hope you find artistic inspiration all around you

 & have a wonderful weekend!




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