buddha dude & polkaholics

oh, i just wanted to give you another sneaky~peak at buddha dude

(just so you know i AM working on stuff!…& stay tuned for finished flying pigs next week!)

he’s painted & getting ready to get some tats!

                                                                         …with his stylin’ bowler hat       

you may recall i mentioned this is for some friends & their band

~ the little box the dude is sitting on is decoupaged with band posters. rad.


anyhoo!  i’m SO excited to hit the On the Waterfront

music festival in rockin’ rockford, IL ~ if only to see…


“hot as a grilled kielbasa. crunchy as a potato pancake.”

a whackadoo chicago polka (uh, PUNK polka) band i was introduced to a few years ago by my friend paul at one of the many german festivities in the chicagoland area ~ if you ever get a chance to catch their act, YOU MUST! they are a hoot & kids of all ages dig ’em.



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