peacock love

Happy Long-Weekend-Friday ! My friend is traveling the south seas and she sent me a gorgeous picture of a peacock in Australia…*

 Just beautiful, no?

It reminds me that I had some ideas sketched out for a paper mache project of a peacock and that I was saving a picture collection of peacock~inspired artistic lovelies…


Peacock Print by Carambatack Design

Peacock Clutch by Red Ruby Rose

Recycled Peacock Print by Art & Philanthropy 

Gocco Print by Brid Bird

Peacock Pillow by MHolland

Shy Peacock Lavinia by Shallom’s Cottage Home



2 thoughts on “peacock love

  1. I’m in the midst of making a paper mache, pulp,tongue depressor, palm leaf peacock. Decided to see if there were samples to look on netwise. Here this is and a few other examples I found. I’ll try to send you photo of my finished project. It’s a gift to a groom at his bachelor party. More later, Kristina

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