i scoped out the “ah…decadence!”  exhibit

at the school of the art institute of chicago‘s new sullivan galleries

(7th floor of the old carson pirie scott building on state street)

it features work by more than 40 chicago artists exploring

decadence and its association with highly decorative,

excessively ornamental expressions

that suggest decay, the irrational, pleasure, sex, and death.”

okey doke…& with that…here’s what i thought was cool…


at first glance laurie hogin’s exhibit looks like a wall of cute, pink bunnies…


but then…(beware the pink bunnies!)


la petite mort (a black skeleton with reaper)

& history of the world (a painting symbolizing birth, evolution & death)

by robert davis & michael langlois


i dig.


cosmic sleepwalk by michiko itatani


ghost rosary (drawing collage) by tony fitzpatrick


half brother (torn photos & paper) by matt davis



soundsuit (sound, beads & sequins, vintage metal flowers)

by nick cave



untitled by laurie hogin (more mean bunnies!)



you do not want to know what this mouth was saying…


& then in another part of the floor we discovered

what looked to be remnants from the previous tennant…

a room of glass cases.

apparently it’s going to be a future exhibit called

department (store)

& folks are gonna fill up the cases

like this one that said: 

“art from studios for artists with disabilities”



website: http://www.saic.edu/exhibitions


3 thoughts on “ah…decadence!

  1. Does Laurie Hogan have a beef with bunnies or what? Either they totally freak her out or she just plain hates them. 🙂 I kinda dig the evil pink bunnies, though.

  2. I have no beef with bunnies! Quite the contrary, I identify with the bunny–small, vulnerable, oddly objectified and mythologized–my snarling bunnies only want to be taken seriously–to exercise their will, assert their identity, express their itty bitty rage and exasperation over all the misidentification!…I could get all academic about the semiotics of bunnies, and pink, and painting, but not here. LOVE the BUNNY always!


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