Disapproving Rabbits

 {You are very disappointing}

Friday fun…

Disapproving Rabbits  (in the vein of ihasahotdog & lolcats)

I never knew bunnies were so moody.

On that note…

I received several comments after my *ah…decadence*  post about the bunnies

in Laurie Hogin‘s paintings

(& how many wonder what her beef with bunnies might be?)

…perhaps she’s showing us how pissed they are at us?

e.g. animal testing, pollution, urban sprawl

I dunno! But I checked out her website {her future blog IS called: mad bunny }

& she’s got all kinds of intriguing & edgy animals…very cool.


{left in the window, rabbits will turn away from the sun. and humanity}

UPDATE~10.01.08:  the artist laurie hogin responds! 

“I have no beef with bunnies! Quite the contrary, I identify with the bunny–small, vulnerable, oddly objectified and mythologized–my snarling bunnies only want to be taken seriously–to exercise their will, assert their identity, express their itty bitty rage and exasperation over all the misidentification!…I could get all academic about the semiotics of bunnies, and pink, and painting, but not here. LOVE the BUNNY always!”


3 thoughts on “Disapproving Rabbits

  1. I think I prefer “disappointing bunnies” over the pink bunnies in your previous post (i’ll probably have nightmares after looking at them for too long).

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