Peace, Love & Chocolate


{inhaling deeply}…ahhh…

chicago smells like chocolate!

(wish this blog had smell~o~vision)


when i got here in ’05 i heard that the blommer chocolate company

was cited by the u.s. environmental protection agency

for violating clean~air regulations & was installing equipment

that would reduce its emissions (from the cocoa bean processing plant)…& stop the smell…

well…it’s coming up on 2009…i guess that hasn’t happened yet…


i know it’s “technically” air pollution


but i kinda like living in a city that smells like chocolate


{& they say that just the chocolate smell puts people in a relaxed state}


some of the BEST CHOCOLATE {EVER} originated here in chicago…

{vosges*haut chocolat }


4 thoughts on “Peace, Love & Chocolate

  1. Hello,
    Just a perplexed new Chicagoan here, seeking answers to the Chocolate Smell Mystery. Thanks for posting this i literally googled “Chicago smells like chocolate” and this came up. Can the factory be found or visited do you know? I would love to taste some of that smell that drives me crazy every day.

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