i have a new art *crush*

my friend missy gave me a W article about artist liza lou


ms. lou creates crazy~amazing sculptural pieces & installations

out of glass beads & mixed media

{cool stuff about liza:  she rebelled against her teachers at the san francisco art institute,

held beading parties to help with her massive sculptures,

was awarded a macarthur foundation grant in 2003 

& once said she wanted to “bead the world”}


liza is best know for two of these projects…kitchen  & backyard


{kitchen ~ 528 square feet ~ took lou five years to complete}

{the sink up close}


{backyard ~ 600 square foot ~ two years to complete}

{sparkly sandwich}


currently ~ liza lou has an exhibition at L&M Arts in NYC through november 15th

among some of the pieces being shown…


{axis defeat 2007-2008 glass beads on aluminum panel 108×66 inches}


{offensive/defensive 2008 glass beads on aluminum panel 72×36 inches}





3 thoughts on “beadazzled

  1. Thought you’d like her work. I think she’s amazing. I remember seeing “kitchen” in another article when it was first exhibited and being blown away by it.

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