prospect.1 new orleans

{via artkrush}


new orleans still looks to rebuild

in the wake of the hurricane that flooded 80% of the city

& displaced one million big easy residents

prospect.1 new orleans is a mega-exhibition

with 81 artists from 30 countries

bringing not only major art-world names…

but also showcases the bayou’s local artists

prospect.1 new orleans takes place in outdoor sites

& indoor venues throughout the city

from november 1 to january 18, 2009


mark bradford ~ mithra

a 64-foot-long and 22-foot-high giant art sculpture

made from scavenged construction debris & covered in distressed posters

it rests in the lower ninth ward

a neighborhood of new orleans ravaged by hurricane katrina in august 2005


john barnes, jr. ~ national guarded  (mixed media)


willie birch ~ remembering katrina (acrylic & charcoal on paper) 


fred tomaselli ~ hang over (leaves, pills, acrylic, and resin on wood panel)






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