everybody wants a sugardaddy…



sugardaddy’s sumptuous sweeties brownies that is!




ohhhh my ~ you’re gonna love these…
my friend mark & his partner tom

create these clever & delish {& round!} brownies in columbus, oh



these two are rockin’ the brownie world!


they stock ’em in the greenroom

at the ellen degeneres show…

& won a throwdown with bobby flay!


not only are there the most scrumptuous flavors

to choose from…

but if you want to send a special gift ~

there’s a plethora of choices there too

{ribbons, dupioni silk bags, monogrammable totes}

~they make excellent party & wedding favors~


& the sweeties arrive in individual round

acrylic boxes that you can re~use!

(i’ve got art supplies in mine)


start your holiday treat shopping right this minute

oliveloaf design readers 

are getting 10% off their online orders!

{type in code: 10CB033109 at checkout}




website:  http://www.sugardaddys.com/


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