i’m always inspired by arty-crafty folks

who create because they just have to!

it’s a passion deep in their souls

here are some colorful & mod glass pieces

by artist julie bufalo of rockford, illinois…


“My stained glass creations come from a desire to create unique images…

challenging the eyes to view from imagination. 

Warm glass has allowed me to expand to an even greater level of individuality

by creating one of a kind pieces crafted from sheer imagination.”








sweet angels…



One thought on “glassworks

  1. I really admire people who can make cool looking stuff essentially out of just hot sand. I regularly buy jewelry from the Etsy shop ethereal girl – she makes very neat glass pendants & earrings w/cool designs on them.

    I think you need to be kind of a bad ass to make art out of glass – it’s hot and you have a pretty narrow window of opportunity to get the shape you want.

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