scenes from a county fair

don’t you just love a county fair?

{how could you not?}


here are some scenes from the always *hometown cool*

boone county fair 2009

in belvidere, illinois

boone county fair collage

{the highlight OF a county fair: elephant ears, yum!; a toothy alpaca; 1st place gourds; winning photo

of the fair at night; belgian draft horse pulling; 1st place cactus cake; greedy goat wants your 25 cents

worth of feed; non-prize-winning corn-on-the-cob cake (it was robbed!); shelves of canned produce; freshly

frosted & sprinkled doughnuts; regal belgian draft horse; 2nd place crochetted sushi; 1st place sunflower

photo; 1st place giant pumpkn; sleepy sheep; 1st place winning still-life of grain}


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