a heritage wedding

I’m almost full~swing into the first stages of wedding planning {thank goodness for wedding bloggers because wedding magazines BLOW!}. Anymess,  I just had to share this very vintage magazine article that my mom has had stashed since September 1972.  It is far out.

Sphere: The Betty Crocker Magazine


I hope you can dig it.

A Heritage Wedding for Today

"Here comes a marriage by fascination ~ and a bride with a mind and festivities of her own.  The fuss is gone and celebration strides in.  This wedding reaches into the past, retrieves old crafts, revives simplicity and sets it all outdoors with a glorious shout.  Magic is back.  Make your own dress, make your own cake, make your own vows, make your own day.  Because it's yours. Because you want it that way."  {amen sister!}  

Get the ladies working on their crewelwork skills! {Okay, this is kinda cool}


I think the picture below is saying: the Amish and Disco Dancing Swingers alike will love Lemony Sangria served from a caldron on the ground.


"The food is as simple, old-fashioned and natural as the wedding party. Sunflower seeds, a basket of meringue mushrooms (which, according to an old European tradition: should be distributed by the bride as a good luck wish), and a homemade and countrified wedding cake (made of date-nut and lemon pound cake with layers of cranberry, apricot & plum filling) do your table proud."  

This line is just adorable: 

"The cheese spread is considerate. It will not shatter your crackers...and sitting in its heaving crock, it brings back memories of daisy chains, love seats and lockets."

It does look tasty, but oh, so very browny~beige.  But at least the cheese is caring.


I think I must consider the meringue mushrooms. They are pretty neato. Click here for a modern version of Good Luck Meringue how-to’s.


The Bride LOL’s when the preacher-man says “obey.”


Peace, Love and the Bridesmaids Wore Paisley. And a choker.


The Bride and her Band of Outlaws…Or Mennonites. I can’t tell!



13 thoughts on “a heritage wedding

  1. Hey Cuz! Congrats again! I can see that you’rehaving a blast with your engagement and wedding planning! I’m sure you’ve got something super creative up your sleeve… are you doing something vintage?

  2. Wow, what a treasure that magazine is! So nice to know the DIY wedding trend was even cool back in the 70s. Meringue mushrooms! I think I want to try making those!

  3. This was my wedding November 1974. Menlo Park California

    Dress, cake, paisley bridesmaid AND the meringue mushrooms. I am looking for the recipe for the wedding cake,,, it was fantastic and I want to make it again. (for our 41st anniversary) Can you send me the cake recipe?
    What shall I do with the dress…hours of crewel work: one sleeve by me, one by my future husband and the skirt by my aunt. Still have it… always thought I would make pillow covers, but my taste is so much more contemporary.Thank you for posting. Claire

    1. WOW! That is SO cool! I would love to see pics of YOURS! Let me search my piles for the magazine to see if the cake recipe is included with the article and I’ll get back to you soonly! Thank you so much for posting! 😉 Stacy

  4. If claire still needs the wedding cake recipe, I can send it to you (post your email address?). I found it (for $20!) on Amazon, but this was my wedding cake, too, and it was amazing. I’m making a cookbook for my granddaughter, who’s getting a culinary degree. Now, I’d like the recipe for the smaller version that appeared in October 1973. Is there any way I can get that? Thank you!

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