bachelorette powwow

i LOVE teepees, ’tis true…

but this has got to be the coolest bachelorette party concept…EVER!

i found this at utterly engaged

{when i was doing my daily wedding-website-wanderings}

“forget bar-hopping in a poufy pink veil and the ever classic penis necklace, today’s off beat bride is looking for a different kind of wild when it comes to her bachelorette party.  a camping trip with her besties with the joshua tree desert mountains as the background is the perfect setting for our bride”

oh doesn’t it look like SO much fun!?

it really calls to my inner desert girl…

see more of the spread here

i need to go work on a teepee post!

2 thoughts on “bachelorette powwow

  1. This is kind of creepy. I thought if I ever get married I would want to go to Joshua Tree with my dearest girlfriends. Must be other people feel the same way 🙂

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