old plastic mosaic

most definitely have to put this on the Crafty Things to Try  list

{when i can do extracurricular crafty things again!}

i have a ton of plastic cards i saved as mementos from my days in NYC

& this would be perfect…

give it a go yourself!

lifted directly {via craftstylish}


How to Make a Mosaic with Your Old Plastic by kayte terry

Put old credit cards and such to new use by making a beautiful mosaic!

What you’ll need:

  • Wood frame or mirror (I used a cheap Ikea mirror)
  • Paint and brush (you can use acrylic craft paint or even house paint)
  • Plastic cards in assorted colors (for a 10×10 frame, I used 12 cards)
  • Craft glue for wood and plastic such as Beacon Multi-Grip
  • Sharp household scissors


     A few of the old cards I used. That one on top is fake, so don’t try to use it!

1. Gather your collection of plastic. You can use old credit cards,

gift cards, Starbucks cards, MetroCards (and other transportation cards),

and expired health insurance cards.


I used some old house paint I had lying around to paint the frame.

2. Paint the wood frame in a color you like.

Repeat with two more coats and allow to dry.

     Cut the cards up into different-sized pieces for the mosaic. There’s something oddly liberating about cutting up your old credit cards!

3. Cut cards into strips and then again into squares and rectangles.

You don’t have to make them into perfect squares or rectangles;

it makes the mosaic look more interesting.

     Mix up colors and textures and don’t forget to look at the backs of the cards! Sometimes they are even cooler than the front!

4. To start making the mosaic, I laid out a section of card pieces

in the upper left-hand corner. The pieces should fit into each other

with just a little bit of space in between each piece

as shown in the photo.

If you need to, trim the pieces slightly.

Vary colors and shapes.

You can use the backs of the cards, too!

Sometimes they have interesting type and colors!


5. Turn each piece over, add glue to the back, turn back over again,

then adhere to the frame.


Leave a small amount of space in between each piece. If you need really small pieces, cut up your cards to fill up the spaces.

6. When you have finished gluing down all the pieces in the section,

start another section below the first.

Continue until the whole frame has been filled.

Trim pieces if you need to fit into the mosaic.


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