oh wonderfully~magical~can’t wait…yay!

i just this moment found out that

there’s a new jean-pierre jeunet film

{amelie, delicatessen, city of lost children}

out & about in the world {film festivals & whatnots}…called

Micmacs à tire-larigot ~ {‘Non-stop madness’}

the film is billed as “a satire on the world arms trade…

 a man and his friends come up with an intricate and original plan

to destroy two big weapons manufacturers”

tres interessant!


{dany boon}

{dominique pinon}

{dany boon, omar sy & marie-julie baup}

{dany boon & julie ferrier}

 {dany boon & jean-pierre marielle}


3 thoughts on “Micmacs

  1. Yes, you’re right,He is a very good….. “metteur en scène” (what is the word in english…. can’t remember…).
    I love the way his movie look, the light, the story… everything in them…. and i love “his” actors… Dominique Pinon is great…. he has “une gueule” ( french term…. can’t translate it….)

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