mad canvases

I love these!

The clever Chicago artist of Mad Canvases creates wonderful photo collage canvases of groovy spots around the city she manipulates the photos in Photoshop and then the image is…

“heat-pressed using sublimation inks onto a 15″ x 15″ white canvas square. The canvas was adhered to a 13″ x 13″ piece of gator board which can be hung on the walls with double sided tacks or velcro”

Okay! That sounds pretty complicated. Lucky for us we don’t have to understand it, we can just enjoy the results.

{The Aragon Ballroom}

 {The Riviera}

These two canvases above are my faves ~ since I live near both these spots…oh I have seen many a concert in them and my granny says she used to swing-dance in the Aragon!

Click here to see more.





One thought on “mad canvases

  1. The Mad Canvases shown in the above post are looking very impressive. The best use of the heat press and the sublimation inks are shown here in the above collections. Now I will also try to create the canvas like the above as recently I have also the sublimation inks and a digital printer from this website.

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