artfully symbiotic

{via …pursuit of happiness}


and now for something completely different…

amy gross’s mixed media works are a sight to behold & ponder

her free~form thing~a~ma~bobs

are made from sewn together embroidery thread, wax, seed beads,

digitally printed fabrics, papers, appliques, ribbons, polymer clay & mixed media objects

{just to name a few}

these environments are oddly familiar and yet completely & strangely unknown

i love her description of her inspirations…


“I mix anxieties and secrets, physical symptoms and the love and fear of being mortal with fabricated roots and leaves and pods and insects and blooms. I mimic the quickly changing natural world through man-made materials with a longer shelf life, an attempt, though illusory, to slow change, to consider and to hold on to life longer.”






see more of amy’s facinating work here


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