vintage brooch bouquet

I’ve gotten a few requests from dear readers {who’ve noticed I’ve mentioned my upcoming wedding shindig} and why don’t I post arty/crafty things about it? So, I concluded that without giving too much away, I can post a few wedding-crafty-goodness sneaky peeks!

Here’s a little tidbit…

Vintage Flower Brooch Bouquet

I’m making my bouquet from select brooches from my vintage flower brooch pin collection.  I’m so glad I’ve been collecting them over the years because boy-oh-boy the cost of them has gone way up! I saw one once and when I got engaged, I thought it was the perfectly perfect and original thing to do! But when I started perusing the interwebs for people who make them I got scared straight by the cost and decided to figure out how to do it myself.

{ps…it was not hard at all}

Naturally ~ Ican’t show you the {spectacular} finished product until after the shindig

{the bouquet supplies}

 {two of my favorite pins ready for bouquet-ness}


6 thoughts on “vintage brooch bouquet

  1. Hello. Your pins are so beautiful! I am wanting to make my own bouquet as well, but I’ve never worked with wire or any of the supplies you’ve shown here. Would you be able to list the supplies I would need by name and maybe also a step by step of how you gave each pin a “stem”? Thanks so much!

    1. annie – thanks for reading!
      i was going to do a step by step after the shindig in september
      but since you asked so nicely i’ll be happy to send you a note
      tell you how it accomplished my own flower pin bouquet!

      1. That would be wonderful! Thank you! Could you please send it the gmail account on this post? I can’t wait to read about yours in September too!

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