vintage bouquet

i received so many inquiries about the post on a vintage flower brooch bouquet

i thought i’d whip up a little how~to~do example… 



you’ll need 20 gauge copper wire, floral tape, green pipe cleaners & wire cutting pliers.

a great crafting source is create for less & ebay.



double the length of wire you wish the size of your bouquet to be.  fold in half.

twist wire around the pin backing on the brooch to secure & begin to twist the wire.



twist pipe cleaners around wire to add bulk. it may take 2 or 3 pipe cleaners to cover the wire.



next ~ wrap with floral tape. you may need to wrap a couple of layers if the stem needs more support & strength.



wrap as many flowers as you’d like for your bouquet.  gather them together ~ making sure

to arrange the flowers precisely. wrap stems together with more floral tape.




now you can do whatever you’d like to your bouquet at this point.  here ~ i’ve wrapped this example bouquet with rainbow ribbon {in honor of chicago gay pride weekend}.  et voila! you now have an incredibily clever & crafty {and cheaper version than some available from online artists!} bouquet.

3 thoughts on “vintage bouquet

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you SO SO much for this! You have done such an amazing job! Gorgeous. Love, love, love the shout out to Pride weekend too! I can’t wait to see your finished bouquet. I will definitely send pictures of mine! Guess I can finally begin pin hunting! Keep up the great blog!

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