vintage stamps

the wedding shindig invites are off!

{please ignore my poor photo editing in an attempt to hide addresses}

here’s a little sneaky~peek…

{well doesn’t this look like it’s going to be a festive soiree!}

ohhhh, did this little project create a new obsession…

vintage stamps

you can find tons on ebay ~ but if you want a more customized arrangement

head to verde studio ~ designs by virginia sauder

her shop specializes in upcycled and repurposed vintage postage stamps.

you can pick up one of her pre arranged sets ~ or

if you have certain themes or colors you’d like to display

on your special event envelopes

viginia is your gal!

she’s superduper cool & accomodating

and will work with you until you completely dig.

i think it’s a trés chic way

to add custom & creative elements to your mailings.



2 thoughts on “vintage stamps

  1. not stupid! on my pic they do {plus a little extra for more creative flair!}. you can use vintage stamps as long as they total whatever the current postage fees are & whatever your envelope weighs.

    & post office people like it when you keep them all in a tidy area {as oppossed to across the top of the envelope}…so the cancelling stamper can hit them all!

    muchas gracias! =)

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