i like pinterest.

{i don’t know why i’m understating it}

it actually makes me SWOON!

it’s a free service to share photo collections of things you love ~

whether that’s food, art, clothing, or books…

it’s an endless source of inspriationals

{for you & others},

it can cheer you up on a blah day {creatively speaking}

& quite simply…it’s awe~some.


a few pinterest-ing boards…



{by *the short and the sweet of it kirby brooks and alexa evans*}



wedding inspiration

{by lucinda henry}


crafty ideas

{by rebecca shrimpton}


6 thoughts on “pinterest-ing

  1. I have already gotten an inspiration from that! There’s a stream of pics with the overall theme of “Beautiful Portals.” I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time to do some sort of photographic study of small-town decay–flight of industry, crumbling downtowns, dilapidated barns of a certain (read” Old”) age, stuff like that. One of the more interesting (to me, anyway) recurring images is that of the doors on some of these places. I just think about the people who walked through them, the things that came out of them, and how they’re all being overcome by age, neglect, abandonment, etc…..

    Now…I will soon give you…Crumbling Portals. OK, that’s just a working title, but you get the idea. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I’m one of the founders. Thanks for the post, and really glad you’re enjoying the site. I also really like the way you styled those pinboard screenshots.

    We should try to find a way to make it easier to publish complete pinboards to your blog, I think.

    And if you ever have questions or suggestions or just want to say “Hi!”, email me at paul [at] pinterest [dot] com. It would be great to hear from you.

    1. thanks paul!
      that is a great idea about the the complete pinboards.
      i’m by no means a savvy techie ~ but thought there must be a better way to display!
      anyhoo – great job on the site mr. founder!

  3. wonderful! i think that’s a brilliant idea & it would be very intriguing to produce & view. i think you’ve begun writing your intro to the book. go to “Blurb” & make it so! =)

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