chocolate beet cake

i was feeling bake-ish yesterday

{and mr. d wanted chocolate!}

& saw an interesting recipe in the november 2010 issue of More magazine

{for women of style & substance!}

chocolate beet cake


{it had me at the cream cheese frosting}

okay…could be interesting…

{“the surprise is that it has a little health kick.”}

& i could break in the new swanky KitchenAid mixer

{wedding gift from the mom, thanks mom!}

well…the mix sure looked bizarre when i added the beet puree to it

but looked like a velvety chocolate cake batter when the dry stuff was added…

it smelled delightful whilst baking & it all came together nicely


not too shabby.

{mr. d seemed to like it}

it had a lovely chocolatey taste

{with a little earthy sweet aftertaste}

& the cream cheese frosting was delish


i do love having extra health kicks & whatnots

{sneaking broccoli into the pasta sauce, etc.}

but i’m not sure if adding beet puree to two sticks of butter AND four eggs

really constitutes HEALTHY {?}

and another stick of butter in the cream cheese frosting?

{well, i used LITE cream cheese}

i think if i’m going for a “healthy” cake

i’ll just do the switching the fats with applesauce or pureed prunes thing

otherwise…back to the double chocolate/dark chocolate frosting recipe

{mr. d is happy about that too}

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