odds & ends seven

happy friday lovelies!

it’s a gloomy day {weather~wise} here in kentucky

{did i mention that i live now live in the bluegrass state?}

indeed i do!

anyhoo…here’s a picture of the little forest~lette in the backyard…


& here are some other tidbits to brighten your day!


*mercury glass bottle lanterns* from home & planet


as seen in sweet paul magazine

*qing hua diana f* camera from lomography

designed by dorothy tang



good news brief!

did you know that river otters in britian were almost extinct?

well, they were & now they’ve bounced back!

read an article & see a video here

look at this adorable felted otter necklace

from motley mutton

if you love mushrooms {oui!}

you must make this très delicious dish: braised mushrooms {or mushroom ragu}

by the fabulous jules of stone soup {minimalist  home cooking!}

i didn’t take a picture of my version…but it looked just like this

{because i have a red dutch oven too!}

{ps. mr. d & i used bacon}


did you see the november 2010 anthropologie catalog?

i just love the way the merch was styled

my faves were the animal shots…

{teacup bracelets!? so cute}

i hope you have a fun & crafty weekend

{i’m off to make chili, pumpkin pudding & do my wedding thank~you notes!}


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