you are wonderful

hello everyone!

here are a few items from the this~n~that realm

that i thought were pretty great.

have a super duper day!


how fab is this?

*the sol cinema*

a traveling mini {seats just 8 adults or 12 children}

non-profit movie theatre in the UK

that is completely solar powered.

see more here…website:



*the un-quiz*

i’m not really an oprah show fan…

but i do dig some features in her mag & website from time-to-time…

one of those is her *express yourself* series~

whereby tips are shared on how to spark your creativity.

they asked artist/writer/filmmaker miranda july {love her!}

to contribute a project inspired by her

“creative assignments” project *learning to love you more*

she came up with 5 fun mini-projects “meant to spark your imagination”
{and who couldn’t use a little spark?}
like:  “take a family portrait under the table” & “write a caption for a misleading picture”
click here for the creative project quiz



*fortune cookie change purses*

designer diana eng’s fortune cookie shaped change purses
are made entirely from recycled ~ and tra ceable ~ scraps of leather
like from upholstery samples & remnants from the garment district

{pretty cool -and not TOO pricey}



*pretties for australia*

lovely baubles for sale @paper and ribbons

20% of all sales until Jan 30 will go to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Fund




*please remember*

{source unknown}


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