happy saturday everyone!

lookey…i have this puffy flying paper mache heart

for sale in the shoppe

{along with many other fun & handmade valentine-y items}

ohhh…there are many nature inspired

things to see & do around my new homeland

{it has inspired mr.d & me creatively too! stay tuned!}

since we are having warmer weather than we’ve had in weeks

we’re heading out to go exploring & collecting today…

{here’s a snapshot of the last time we went out & about}

i just love looking through all these artifacts & specimens.


here are a few wonderful things i found

on my interweb wanderings…


~do it yourself macaroon kits from the macaronner

i love the pistachio/vanilla ganache


~did you ever see this rainbow eucalyptus?

soooooo cool….read about it here


~lately, my favorite go-to place for healthy recipes is eatingwell.com

{cuz mr. d & i are trying to slim down}

these blueberry-orange muffins

are very, very tasty & you must make today!


~i saw this adorable {& tuquoise!}

seahorse photo by sweet thing photo

& thought it would look just perfect

in the just-perfect-for-me beach house

we discovered on the honeymoon

in gulf shores, alabama

alright…this post was all over the place!

oh well, i don’t care because…

{via pinterest}


have a great weekend everyone!

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