barren river emporium

mr. d and i would like to introduce you to our new etsy shoppe!

barren river emporium ~ curiosities from nature & industry.

we got inspired by all the wonderful natural findings we’d pick up

on our hikes & walks through the woods & whatnots

and i become more & more obsessed with vintage, re-purposed & up-cycled knick-knacks.

we have TONS more yet  to come

{like up-cycled bottles & jars, driftwood & driftwood art,

and more rustic/industrial/vintage decor & natural curiosities}

please check out & stay tuned to Barren River Emporium

“favorite” us on etsy & let us know what you think!

{be curious. wander. re~discover.}



and we’ve already gotten some etsylove with a few VERY COOL treasury features already!

I Live In A Terrarium

I Think of You in Colors That Don’t Exist



Earthy, Naturally Inspired



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