Be More Awesome

{Wow, wow, wow!} I haven’t posted since February 25th? Really? Bad blogger, bad! Well, in my defense ~ I have been nursing the hubster {Mr. D} for the last few weeks. He had some surgical procedures…but he’s doing quite nicely now {thanks for asking!} In addition to that…been whipping up EVEN MORE Lips & ‘Staches on Sticks {bunch of shoppe orders}

{And a how-to for a book!  Shhhh} Also making a few little Paper Mache Magnets {for sale now}

Working on the new shoppe Barren River Emporium {Check it out!}

And hacking up this flying pig {that never got finished anyway!} for a do-over…

Then he’s getting entered into an art show: The Bacon Ball & Fine Swine Art Exhibit {Louisville, KY} Stay Tuned. Oh, yeah, and…it’s MID-MARCH!!?! Do you know where your New Year’s Resolutions are? This should be your every year’s resolution too!

{via happytownusa}


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