fabric flowers & painted jars

i saw this tutorial over at made

for *no sew flowers*

and knew i had to make them for all the mom-types in my life

for mother’s day.

i had lots of scrap fabric & dowels handy.

{i didn’t use spray paint on the sticks – just hand painted with a brush & acrylic}

they looked super cute as a big bouquet in a jar…

top view…

but i split them up {lots of mom-types}

and painted the insides of re~purposed jars for vases.

just squeeze your acrylic color of choice in jar & add a little water to thin it out a bit

swirl the paint around the bottom of the jar & slowly working your way to the top

dry upside down at least 8 hours…

a very sweet & colorful ~ plus economical & green

handmade gift that would be great for birthdays, showers, get~wells

and of course…mother’s day

{even if you’re a grownup, mom still likes handmade!}


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