lettuce turnip the beet

I’ve been living in the semi-country for eight months now. I say semi because we are very near a couple cute towns with modern amenities and within an hour or two of major urban scenes. Plus, with the interwebs, you are always connected to the world these days.

Not at all like my childhood in Western Colorado in the 80’s. Please note: this is coming off of 18 years of city dwelling! {I fell in love with Mr. D – so what was a girl to do?} It’s going super well – I am loving it. {NO cabs & public transportation notwithstanding}

I totally dig the Amish farmer’s markets around these parts.

Letterpress printed reduction linocut {by Quail Lane Press}

But recently I’ve gotten the gardening bug. We’ve got a little salsa garden started and we’re finishing up the “big” garden {if the weather would cooperate!} So, today’s inspiration is gardenLOVE…

Vegetable Patch Mini Quilt {via The Purl Bee}

A colorful garden fence project {via DIY Ideas}

Seriously cool rooftop garden {via Gardening in Heels}

Edible Landscaping {via Garden Photos} I love the mismatched indoor furniture on the deck…

The sweet life {by Dazey Chic}

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thoughts & prayers & well wishes for those living along the Mississipi.


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