honeysuckle wreath

“I plucked a honeysuckle where
The hedge on high is quick with thorn,
And climbing for the prize, was torn,
And fouled my feet in quag-water;
And by the thorns and by the wind
The blossom that I took was thinn’d,
And yet I found it sweet and fair.”
D. G. Rossetti—The Honeysuckle.

ahhh…such a lovely smell of honeysuckle

wafting through the air here in south central kentucky…

it is truly intoxicating.

i did learn ~ however~ that this particular honeysuckle

is of the japanese variety and thus ~ quite invasive.

well…lemons into lemonade right?

or rather ~ make a wreath {or crown} out of nasty suffocating vines!

so, i gathered a bunch…

pick out the longest vines & twig pieces

and begin twisting & braiding them together

to form a wreath circle…

continue weaving the vines & sticks together

until you have the size wreath you want

{since we’re doing this au naturel~best to keep it small}

twist the ends together & add smaller pieces

throughout the wreath to fill it in…

et voila! 

hang it on a hook, nail or tack.

you should have a very fragrant honeysuckle wreath for a few days.



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