sweet giraffe

“god is really only another artist. he invented the giraffe…” ~picasso


here is my latest papier-mâché creation…{and it’s not on a stick!}

’tis a giraffe head to hang on the wall

made for a friend’s {soon-to-be} new baby room

{wait, the baby will be new…not really the room…well…the room

will probably be decorated for the baby, so technically, that’s new too…}

anyhoo…i was inspired to do a sweet giraffe because she and the mister are so worldly

& got to see giraffes in the wild on their honeymoon.

{i haven’t told her yet, but i intend to only give their kidlet giraffe themed items☺}


the armature was made of newspaper, cardboard, clay,

masking tape & a re-purposed gift wrap tube

{always up~cycle!}

it was then paper mached with newspaper strips & wheat paste & painted with acrylic.

he turned out so sweet!


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