i heart kid art

i don’t know if i should have been an elementary school art teacher…

but i am a serious appreciator of art by kids.

whether it’s made by a family member

like my brilliant *bonus* daughter

{that’s a step~daughter to those who aren’t a *bonus* mom}

or niece & nephew…

  {their art made into stickers!! love it!}

or a friend’s delightfully clever child.

i love the uncensored-ness; the folk-arty feel;

the fresh expression of their creativity.

one of my favorite places to see kid art is at a county fair.

here’s a collection of some of my recent faves

that i snapped at the kentucky state fair 2011 in louisville…

i’m always happy to help fight the meanies* when i can

{*powers-that-be who take away creativity/arts funding for children}

by donating pieces for artistic endeavors.

and how lovely it was when i received a request recently

by the teacher of the lucky art students at

Woodland Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia

for a donation of the magazine letters i sell in my shoppe.

{can you believe she only receives $300 to buy art supplies for 850+ students for the year!!??}

every little bit helps. ..so, why don’t you help your local young artists!

i can’t wait to see what they do with the letters.

see her great blog here:  www.thecrayonlab.com


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