easy being green it is not

i love the illustrations by artist peter de sève

especially this painting of kermit & yoda sharing a moment…

“Easy Being Green it is Not”


is handwriting still alive? {via black eiffel}


let’s make some great art! an activity book for kids & adults

it was PINTERESTing then.

i’ve crossed over to the darkside of slightly obsessed now



{collage by michelle allberrey}


i have a girl-crush on miranda july.

well, it’s more of an arty-crush ~ or a unique-&-clever-person-crush

this video is brilliant ~ especially if you are easily distracted

“A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted”

on that note ~ i must trap the laptop under a bowl and under a table leg

and get working on some crafty orders!

have a fabulous day!


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