it’s time to raise the curtain!

i don’t know about you lovelies…

but  i’m beyond excited that the muppets are back together & doing their muppet thing.

i loved the muppet show {and most of the movies} when i was a wee lass.

{heck, i still have a fozzie & gonzo plushie and they join miss m & me for tea time!}


it's a fine day when gonzo comes for tea.


so what’s better than the muppets?  according to threadlessThe Muppets on Tees!

i some of the fabulous designs…


{“it’s time to raise the curtain!” by darren cotzabuyucas}


{“the lovers, the dreamers, and me by alicia braumberger}


{“your love keeps lifting me by chris gerringer}


{“gonzo floating by ivan guerrero}


{“together reaching for the star by carlos & jessica rocafort}


{“together again by alfonso diaz}


see more designs & pick up a tee here.


One thought on “it’s time to raise the curtain!

  1. I just caught “The Muppets” today and I *loved* it! Amy Adams and Jason Segel did such an incredible job! And of course the muppets! It made me kinda teary eyed seeing them all together again. Me and my kids laughed heartily through the entire thing! I just wish there was more Miss Piggy. 🙂

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