glittered forest findings


so miss m & i got busy this weekend glitter-bombing a bunch of acorns

to make some handmade christmas ornaments for family.

all we needed were some forest-findings {acorns}, glitter, mod podge, hot glue & jute twine…


i found all the acorns on my forest-finding expeditions.

we glittered & mod podged

and hot glued on some jute twine for little hangers…


so cute! and ready for the christmas tree!

{and i’m having a vision of napkin rings too…}


next, we made some swanky pine cone door decorations

using (forest-findings) pine cones, “dollar store” ribbon (cheap!), hot glue, a little craft wire for a hook

& a smidge of glitter mod podge (love!) to give the pine cones a little seal & shine…



super easy {& cheap} holiday decorations with natural flair

to keep or give away

(they are also perfect for hostess gifts!)

as always…who doesn’t love a handmade gift made with love (and forest-findings..and glitter!)?



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