i just discovered the blog *creating clever*

by aileen  ~ a graphic designer turned cynical motivational speaker

when i spotted her “manifesto 2012” {via craftgawker}…

based on the “holstee manifesto“…


so she’s  inspiring all us clever & creative people to aspire not just to mere

new year resolutions ~ but whole manifestos!!  what an excellent idea!

and seeing as how i have about as many goals & ambitions as ms. aileen apparently

{& i’m sure you do too}

it would behoove me/us to draw up the list & make my/our own posters

{because i’m so sick of getting to the end of a year & realizing i didn’t even ATTEMPT some of them!}

alright – ms. aileen challenged me – so now i’m challenging you!

i’ll post mine when it’s done…hope to hear from you!


“BE BOLD, BE BRAVE,BE AMAZING!” ~Simon de Pury/Next Great Artist {loved that show!}


anyhoo! whilst at her cool blog, i discovered the following nifty items {enjoy!}…


“flying wish paper::make wishes with “a whimsical kit to make your wishes come true”



“letters of extraordinary size”::jimmy fiction’s giant letters for your yard &/or garden!


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