diy::wine cork stamp

i had to {finally} do some thank-you notes for the christmas/birthday booty

& thought i’d try doing a homemade stamp out of a wine cork.

making stamps out of wine corks is super-duper easy!

and it’s a whole lot cheaper &  more craftacular

than buying those A$$pensive stampers at craft stores.

i love banners – so i thought i’d do a simple banner design…



all you need:

a design idea, corks, a marker, exacto, some stamper ink {or paint} and notecards…


draw your design and carefully cut with exacto…


test your stamps a few times to see if you like & to try out the ink saturation…


stamp your notecard…


add a message if you’d like & viola!

see!? so simple & quick to make your own handmade cards

and your recipient will feel extra special just because you’re so crafty {& thrifty}!

have fun!


3 thoughts on “diy::wine cork stamp

    1. oh thank you! no – i just did these for christmas thank-you’s.
      thank you for your lovely compliments! i had a great time working
      on handmade things for my wedding shindig. although i did envision
      the vintage fabric banners – and started to collect supplies – i realized
      it was just too large a task to deal with {sanely} and found a super great
      banner maker on etsy.

      thank you so much for reading! stacy@oliveloaf design

  1. Reblogged this on Sweet Mabel and commented:
    This is such a lovely idea and you can experiment with different shapes too. Why not try hearts, stars or even letters. I shall be having a go at this when I get some spare time. Fun! Xx

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